“Catherine’s professionalism is nicely tempered by her friendly approach in teaching me to play Electric Upright Bass (EUB). Cath’s momentum throughout the lessons ensures that as much as I am able to absorb is covered, plus a little bit more which I know I’ll learn to understand a little later on. As a mature student I have found Cath’snon-judgemental approach very helpful in my learning to play an instrument and together we work around any difficulties I am having with Catherine able to offer alternatives which are suitable to me.”

Philip Cleary


“My daughter Sian looks forward to her weekly bass lesson with Catherine. She likes her method of teaching and finds it a fun place to learn.”

Austin O'Hearn


“I’ve been playing guitar for a number of years but in the last 5 months I decided to take up the bass guitar. I am a mature age student.
I found Catherine Golden Guitar/Bass Teacher on Gumtree classifieds and decided to make contact. I’ve been learning bass with Catherine for 5 months now and found her teaching methods very relaxing, knowledgeable and helpful. Catherine’s methods of teaching have definitely improved my playing and reading of music. I would highly recommend Catherine as a music teacher for young and mature age students.”

Massimo Germani


“Catherine is a great teacher! Her music knowledge is extensive and always impressive. She is an incredibly patient teacher and always happy to help!!”

Georgie Abbott


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